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Make items alignable, nudgeable? Esc to cancel selection?

This is a very cool, intuitive diagramming app, and you've obviously worked very hard on it—thanks for that! I have just a few suggestions:

• Diagrams look polished when their items are properly aligned, and their connectors are straight (truly horizontal or vertical) where possible. It's difficult to do that in BS, because items can be moved only by dragging. How about adding some way to align two or more selected items vertically or horizontally? (I'd also leave the selection active after alignment, as the group's position will probably need to be adjusted afterward.)

• How about letting us use the arrow keys to "nudge" selected items/groups with more accuracy, and Ctrl+arrow to move them a bit more (standard functionality in most graphics apps)?

• Could you let us cancel the current selection by pressing Esc, so we don't have to stop and click an empty place in the diagram each time?

Cheers, Ander

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  • AdminArmin (Sofware Developer, BrainSharper) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Ander,

    thank you for your appreciation and for using BrainSharper.

    I've updated the current version to support ESC (0.6).

    Your alignment and nudge suggestions are great and I have a rough idea how to realize them, but right now, I don't have the time required to continue working on any new features.



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